Vac Trucks

Vac Trucks

FluidPRO offers straight, combo, and semi vacs for our customers; meaning there is a wide range of jobs our equipment can handle.

“Our vac trucks are new, and include a Viking pump that can pump water,” explained Chad McFarland, owner and president at FluidPRO. “This is something we haven’t been able to do before, and will be a value-added service for our customers. We also have vac pups to go behind the vacs for extra hauling, washing, etc. And that’s something not a lot of other companies have.”

Vac Trucks

Equipment specs

  • Tri-Drive combo units with 13m3 trash and 3m3 wash tanks
  • Pressure-rated hoses for suction and discharge
  • Semi-Vac services to accommodate bigger jobs & larger loads

Extra equipment

  • 6-inch intake and exhaust silencer with exhaust line to curbside and driver’s side of the truck
  • Hydra UTC vibrator mounted on the bottom of the tank
  • Hydro vac boom on unit
  • Supplied breathing air
  • Degreaser/H2S scavenger

Pumping specifications

  • Hibon VTB-820
  • 1400 CFM free air rating
  • 100 CFM at 18-inch Hg.
  • 27-inch Hg. maximum

Washer specifications

  • 10 GPM 3000psi water pump with suction strainer
  • Dual hose reels with 75 feet of half-inch high-pressure hose on hydraulic rewind hose reels (dual hose reels allow for two 5 GPM guns to operate at the same time

Hot water system specs

  • 980,000 BTU/hour burner pressure, atomizing type with automatic electric-ignition diesel burners

Download Equipment Spec Sheet:

Vac Trucks