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Top-notch employees and new, state-of-the-art equipment is what gets the job done, and done well, at FluidPRO.

FluidPRO maintains a large fleet of fluid pumping trucks, vac trucks and tank trucks for hauling fluid. They also have mobile filter units available for rent.

“Our oldest unit is a 2015,” said Chad McFarland, owner and president with FluidPRO, adding that many units have been customized to eliminate additional costs to the customer, such as having to call in a third-party company.

With all of these units available to FluidPRO’s customers, this makes the company a one-stop-shop location.

“Often, vac trucks and other trucks, or fluid pumpers and tank trucks, need to go out together,” explained Wendy Vig, HR for the company. “It’s value added for the customer that they don’t have to call another company to get the trucks they need.”

This state-of-the-art equipment needs a maintenance routine to match, and that’s something FluidPRO takes great pride in.

“Our maintenance routine is meticulous,” said Chad, adding the trucks receive weekly and 400-hour servicing, as well as daily checks. “Properly maintained equipment lasts longer, so we can do our work better.”

“Our employees really appreciate this, as well,” said Wendy. “They can go to work with a vehicle knowing they won’t have any issues.”

FluidPRO also has a service truck, so the company’s mechanics can travel to where the equipment is, if necessary.

“All of this allows our customers to have peace of mind that the equipment coming out is in top shape and they won’t have any downtime because of mechanical issues,” explained Wendy.

FluidPRO’s new 13-bay facility was made to handle this maintenance routine, and the company employs mechanics who are certified for CVIP inspection. This means any and all problems can be dealt with in-house.

“It’s not any one thing we do that sets us apart,” said Wendy Vig, HR for the company. “It’s everything we do.” Wendy also added that the company is always open to criticism and exploring ways to make their company better and more efficient.

“We are innovative, and we aren’t closed-minded,” said Chad McFarland, company owner and president. “We are open to suggestion, and we learn from every job what we can do better next time.”

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