For a company that hauls dangerous goods, a comprehensive health, safety and environment (HSE) plan is of the highest importance. And this is something FluidPRO does not take lightly.

“We are trying to create a safe culture,” explained Shaun Johnstone, HSE Manager with FluidPRO. “And with that, we can better our performance within the industry.”

FluidPRO has policies in place that ensure the company’s commitment to a safe working environment for everyone – all levels of staff, independent contractors, clients and anyone else that may be on site.

“Safety is of the utmost importance in our everyday work,” said Shaun. “We have employee responsibilities, the responsibilities of management to ensure their employees are trained and adequately outfitted, and we follow all legislated safety policies. We expect that we will meet or exceed all of the requirements.”

Along with ensuring staff are properly outfitted for their job, FluidPRO goes a step further to make sure employees know how to do their job, and do it well. The company is advancing on a program it began a few years ago, where more experienced staff mentor new staff members.

“There’s a lack of skilled employees available in the market,” explained Shaun. “So, we pair an inexperienced driver with an experienced driver.” This program broadens the hiring pool for FluidPRO and means drivers with a Class 1 can gain on-the-job training in this field.

“We hire people who can drive, and then train them for success,” said Shaun.

When hauling dangerous goods for the oilfield, the environmental impact needs a lot of consideration. “We are trying to ensure that we are promoting sustainable resources within the industry,” explained Shaun. “No spills, and we use environmentally friendly products where possible. We also have a system in place to monitor the fluids we haul, to ensure there is no environmental impact.”

As companies grow larger, sometimes these HSE policies can get lost in the shuffle. But FluidPRO is making sure that doesn’t happen.

“With these programs, and systems in general, we have actionable goals and outcomes that we work towards,” said Shaun, adding that the company reviews these plans often, and adjusts as needed. “This is a system that’s constantly under development, with the industry, government and our client needs,” said Shaun. “This is a living being, and that’s where our system builds to.”




FluidPRO – Where Safety & Innovation coexist

In 2018, we partnered with Michelin in developing a tire that was not only innovative, but exceeded safety standard regulations. Michelin tested their innovative prototype with our drivers in real life situations, garnered feedback, and created a product which ensures our drivers get home safely.