Indigenous Engagement

At FluidPRO, we recognize and respect the Indigenous People and their connection with the land. We are continually developing a relationship with the Indigenous based on a platform of communication, trust, and by honoring their beliefs and traditions. We are working hard to create a collaboration that will achieve our combined goals and create prosperity,  while respecting the spirituality intertwined with the land, the people and creation.

FluidPRO commits to fostering relationships with the Indigenous where traditional lands are affected by operations.

Guiding Principles

We respect the Indigenous traditional values, especially their relationship with their lands and the environment. For the Indigenous, land is so much more than a place. There is a profound spiritual connection. Land is the mother and is steeped in their culture; which gives them a responsibility to care for it.

We are committed to working with Indigenous by assisting them in caring for their lands, with benefits from our partnerships including business development and employment opportunities.

FluidPRO is committed to corporate social responsibility. We hold ourselves, employees, and contractors to the higest standards and always conduct operations and general business in a manner that reflects our guiding principles.

FluidPRO will continue to develop relationships with the Indigenous in matters relating to employment opportunities, development of business strategies, and any actions which may affect the Indigenous people, either directly or indirectly.

Commitment to our People

FluidPRO has always prided itself on being an equal opportunity employer  and will continue to  provide opportunities to Indigenous Peoples to become a part of our workforce, at all levels. As of December 2020, 9% of our workforce identifies as Indigenous. We are committed to increasing that number to 15% by 2025.

Nations Agreements

FluidPRO is dedicated to building agreements with Indigenous First Nations in order to facilitate employment opportunities, apprenticeships and other advantages that will help build and sustain Indigenous individuals and communities.


Download our FluidPRO Indigenous Engagement commitment here